Guest Services and Safety Teams

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday

Help create personal and memorable experiences every week that have a lasting impact

Church can feel overwhelming. Our Guest Services Teams help people feel at ease so they can get the most out of their Rock Creek Church experience. We do this by intentionally guiding first time visitors, anticipating needs, and removing obstacles. We want to make it as simple as possible for all of our guests to meet Jesus in a powerful, life-changing way.

We have several teams to accomplish this goal:

Safety Team

While it may go unnoticed, one of the most important things for having a great experience at Rock Creek Church is simply feeling safe. We take safety seriously, especially in a world where tragedies happen on a regular basis. This team is dedicated to being proactive in keeping every single person at Rock Creek Church safe from harm.

Greeting Team

At Rock Creek Church, greeting goes well beyond a brief smile and hello. This team welcomes people into the Rock Creek Church FAMILY. As the first point of contact for most first time guests, our greeters work to identify new people, give them a tour of our facility, help get their kids checked in if they have any, and connect them to others in the church. We strive for everyone to have a positive first interaction.

Hospitality Team

Let's be honest, free food is a powerful way to someone's heart. Our Hospitality Team strives to help people feel welcome, loved, and blessed by providing coffee, tea, bagels, donuts, free of charge! They also help provide Communion once a month.