Say hello to our leadership team at Rock Creek Church

Pastoral Team

Say hello to the leadership team at Rock Creek Church. Got questions for the lead team at Rock Creek Church? Feel free to contact us!

Brian Hays - Lead Pastor

Brian Hays and his family moved to Colorado in 2015 to become the 3rd Lead Pastor of Rock Creek Church. He is married to his wife Sandy and has four kids (Naomi, Luke, Seth and Max). Brian loves all things outdoors, family, sports, history, politics, and preaching the scriptures! He enjoys a good cup of coffee or a pint along with a great conversation.

"I have given God every reason known to mankind to walk away from me. Every morning I open my eyes and find he is still there with love and forgiveness!" - Brian

Alex Rowan - Associate Pastor (Sunday & Discipleship Ministries)

Alex Rowan joined the Rock Creek Church Leadership Team in 2017. He now serves as the Associate Pastor, overseeing Sunday Mornings and Adult Discipleship Ministries. He is married to his wife Amanda and has two young boys (Teddy and Henry).

"God wooed my heart when I was a teenager and has since changed everything about my life. I couldn't imagine being on any other ride than this beautiful one of following Jesus." - Alex

Mark Popenhagen - Children's Pastor

Mark "The Pope" Popenhagen joined the Rock Creek Church Leadership Team in 2015. He oversees all of our Basecamp Ministries (0-6th grade) during our Sunday services. He has three kids, a granddaughter, and unfortunately likes to root for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I'm utterly amazed by God's grace and love. Jesus saved my life, my soul, and continues to guide me through the triumphs and falls." - Mark

Miranda Hansen - Student Ministries Pastor

Miranda Hansen joined the Rock Creek Church Leadership Team in 2020, and has served as a volunteer and intern in previous years. She now oversees THRIVE (our High School Ministry) and ROOTED (our Middle School Ministry). She loves to travel and has a heart for teenagers and missions.

"Keep saying yes. A yes to Jesus is always worth it. He's always worth it!" - Miranda


Rock Creek Church is an Elder led church. Elders are nominated and elected by the congregation to oversee the ministries and operations of the church. The pastoral staff submits to the Elder Board and are responsible for the day-to-day life of the church. The Lead Team is comprised of volunteers who are responsible for specific ministries.

Meet Our Elders

Grant Hansen

"Have you seen my new cuff links and sweaters?"

Josh Valdez

"I married WAY up!"

Dan Montanari

"I never stop learning."

Stan Haegert

"I'm grateful to have lived long enough for someone to invent Muddy Buddies."

Lead Team

Randy & Sara Bulow - LIFE|groups Lead

Cindi Dixon - Foster Care Lead

Mimi Newman - Facilities Lead

Amy Hansen - Needs Ministry Lead

Christine Thiessen - Finance Director