Full Rundown on In-Person Services

A detailed explanation of our plan and social distancing guidelines as we start gathering again.

Dear Rock Creek Church,


We are so excited to be able to welcome you back! There is something so powerful about the people of God worshipping and hearing the Word of God together. Your health and safety and the well-being of our community are extremely important to us. That’s why we have been in multiple, lengthy conversations over the past several weeks with Governor Polis, Boulder County Public Health officials, the mayor, local hospitals, and pastors in our city and across our state to help create a safe and responsible plan for re-gathering in worship. We have always said that we exist to equip every person to take the next step in becoming a more fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and navigating challenging decisions like this in unity is another chance to demonstrate our adaptability and our love for our community. We are happy to report that the office of Governor Jared Polis has released new guidelines allowing for places of worship to begin gathering together again!

We are thrilled to have an Elder Board approved plan for gathering again. Here’s what you need to know:

Advisory and Sanitation:

  • Individuals 65+ and/or with pre-existing conditions (chronic lung disease, serious heart conditions, immunocompromised, severe obesity, diabetes, liver disease, chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis, etc.) are encouraged to continue using the online option, but we welcome your presence if you choose to attend.
  • Every surface has been deep-cleaned and will be cleaned after each service or ministry gathering. 
  • Our staff and volunteers will be monitoring our numbers so as to not overstep the government guidelines. 


  • We have arranged seating in our sanctuary to operate at 25% (50 seat max) of our capacity; chairs are arranged in groups of two, four, and six that are all 6 feet apart for households or individuals to sit together or at a distance.
  • We have created a worship space in our lobby (20 seat max - on the tiled area) that will broadcast live worship and the message on the big screen (great option for wiggly families).
  • We have created a new multi-purpose room that will host people (15 seat max) where they can enjoy live worship and the message.
  • We have created a self-monitored mom/cry room located where the old office used to be (10 seat max).
  • We are taping the service for our online community, so we need to avoid potentially distracting noises, such as crying babies or kids running around. We kindly ask families that may not be able to comply to reserve space in one of our other rooms.
  • For health and safest reasons, kids must stay with parents at ALL times without exception. If this is a difficult task for you and your family, we encourage you to stay home and enjoy the online service.
  • All our services will be family services (sitting together); there will be no kids or student ministry, in keeping with the state guidelines. We are working on some ideas for kids, and will follow the pending restrictions released by BVSD.

Expectations for live attendance:

  • For now, as to minimize contact, we will not receive communion, and we will refrain from handshakes, hugs, and high fives. If you are startled by someone's unintentional offensive action, please communicate with them directly.
  • There will be no hospitality services (bagels, donuts, coffee, or tea).  
  • No food is allowed in the building at any time, however, you may bring a container of coffee/water bottle.
  • You shall wear a mask before and after the service. Once you are in your seat with your party (family unit) you may remove your mask after worship (singing) and enjoy the message mask free. If you leave your seat, please put your mask back on until you return to your seat. Be advised, although some will choose to wear a mask throughout their entire Sunday morning experience, there will be many who choose not to (at the stated times). We respect both decisions and expect there to be no criticism either way. 
  • No more than two individuals will be allowed in each of the men's and women’s restroom at any given time. (Please monitor this on your own)
  • We will have designated doors for those worshipping in the various areas and those doors will open 15 minutes prior to the service beginning. Please lineup on the sidewalk with your party (family unit) 6 ft apart from one another. When the doors open you will file into the facility after checking in with a volunteer who will confirm your reservation and that we have a liability release form for each member of your party.
  • ALL doors will be locked 10 minutes after the service has started so as to remain safe, healthy, and allow all volunteers to attend the service.


  • All our services will be less than 75 minutes, and viewing sections will dismissed one at a time to prevent congregating in the lobby and hallways.
  • All of our worship teams will remain a safe distance apart from one another while still providing incredible worship.
  • The front row (which I know you all like to grab immediately) is positioned at a 12ft distance from the worship team and the preacher so as to remain a safer distance away.

So we want to invite you to JOIN US LIVE on Sundays at 10am! There is a registration system in place where you can register yourself or your family to attend the service and to designate which room you would like to be seated in. In addition, included in the registration form will be a release of liability form to be completed by each family member attending our services. This releases Rock Creek Church from any liability for any injury, sickness, accident, etc. that takes place during an official Rock Creek Church sanctioned event. This liability form will be in good standing for 12 months. 


Finally, we will continue to record and post all of our services to go live on Sunday morning 10am for those who are unable to attend or who chose to continue to worship from home. We want you safe and well, and we are committed to providing the best online experience so that we can feed, encourage, support and recognize those who choose to stay home. You are loved and are as much a part of this family as those who choose to worship in person.

We understand these guidelines and instructions are less than optimal. We understand, that for some, these guidelines will place unrealistic expectations on you and your family. We know this and we feel your struggle. However, in order for us to open our doors to worship in person and to do our very best to respect and honor our governing officials, these are the current restrictions from June 28 through the end of the month of July and are subject to change at any time. If you have a question that has not been covered or would like to discuss any of the above, I along with all of the elders and staff, would love to have that conversation.


I hope this brings encouragement and excitement. We are thrilled to gather once again and continue to see God’s hand leading us every step of the way. May the peace of the Lord fill your hearts today.


Brian Hays

Lead Pastor